Outdoortober Canoegaine


Tinaroo Canoe Club is conducting a canoeing and navigation skills day to teach the components of Canoegaining. on Sunday 27th October from 8am till 12 midday at Lake Tinaroo, Far North Queensland.

The club has come up with an easy and safe way to develop perfect paddling skills while having a blast so you can paddle either a canoe or kayak with confidence – no experience necessary. So if you like the idea of adventure and paddling  down a stream with ease, now is the perfect time to start as the Tinaroo Canoe Club’s new season begins on October with a Come and Learn Canoegaine Day.

Have you ever considered an alternative use for your canoe than just paddling from A to B? Fancy a bit of a scenic tour under time and path-finding pressure? Then try a Canoegaine. What’s a Canoegaine? Simple, it’s just a Rogaine with your canoe.

Oh – so what’s a Rogaine? Ok. I’m sure you’ve heard of orienteering – where you get a map of a region with a set of markers scattered across it that you have to visit in a set order. The pressure here is finding the fastest way between markers, finding them as you approach, and completing the course in the shortest possible time. Typical events are a few hours.

In a canoegaine you essentially have the same map, and same set of markers. Here however the path is not stipulated. Each marker has a certain value in points, depending on its distance and location. You get to choose your own path across the water, and pick up points for each marker you visit. You have a time-limit by which you have to return to the start/finish line – if you’re late you start to lose points at a great rate. A typical rogaine is run over 6, 12 or 24 hours. If you’re lucky, the 24 hour event has a full moon – but no allowance is made for cloud. Canoegaines are usually run over 3  (daylight) hours.

For more information please phone Greg on 0410220998 or Rachel on 40958436.